Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus – oil for mechanical transmissions and gearboxes

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This post is also available in: Русский (Russian) Français (French) Deutsch (German) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish)

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Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus


Unlike private cars, commercial cars are operated with heavy loads. Daily trips around the city and beyond further load the transmission with sharp jerks during the start, and overloads when the transmission number is increased or lowered in the transmission transmission. To neutralize all the negative effects of overload, it is worth using high-quality transmission oil Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus. Thanks to the use of the most advanced production technologies, it has almost no worthy competitors.

Product description

A lubricant based on the purest synthetics with the use of an additional complex of additives, it is optimally suited for northern regions with particularly low air temperatures in winter. The absence of natural paraffins provides excellent flow rates, as the temperature decreases. The product is not inclined to absorb moisture, and gradually accumulate it in the gearbox housing or in the gearbox. All metal parts will have optimal corrosion protection.


The modern Oil Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus on a synthetic basis is well resists the squeezing of oil film. Even a small amount of lubricants will allow two parts to slip, completely excluding dry friction. To the most important technical characteristics of the synthetics of the premium class is worth adding:

  1. Clean and transparent it has minimal ash content.
  2. Slightly reduced viscosity for use in winter.
  3. The crystallization of the lubricant occurs only when the temperature drops to -51 0C.
  4. Spontaneous flash when overheated at 143 0C.
  5. The standard density indicator for its class of synthetic oils.

Articles Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus

Oil Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus is developed by experienced chemists and engineers for cargo transport and construction equipment. Three types of packaging are enough for the exact dosage of lubricant:

  1. 154FB4 – polymer bottle with 1 liter dispenser.
  2. 15801F – 20 litre plastic packaging.
  3. 154FBA – barrel of oil for 208 liters.

Tolerances Сastrol Syntrax

European car manufacturers were the first to conduct independent tests, and included lubricant in the list of recommended consumables, Asian trucks also recommend lubricant as the best protection against transmission wear.

Admissions for this oil:

  • API GL-4/ GL-5/ MT-1;
  • SAE J2360;
  • MAN 341 Z2;
  • MAN 342 S1;
  • MB-Approval 235.8;
  • Scania STO 1:0
  • ZF TE-ML 02B, 05A, 12L, 12N, 16F, 17B, 19C, 21A;
  • Volvo Transmission Oil 97312-046: Eaton Transmissions (Europe) approved for 300.000 km drain.


The Transmission Oil Castrol Syntrax Universal Plus can be poured into passenger vehicles and SUVs, if it will be operated to the limit of its capabilities. Cargo mechanical transmissions with synchronizers and differentials will be especially qualitatively protected from all negative factors of operation.


Modern lubricant technology has a positive effect on reducing the toxicity of the truck. The product does not negatively affect human health, in direct contact with the skin.

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