Castrol Transmax CVT – fully synthetic liquid for speedless transmissions

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This post is also available in: Русский (Russian) Français (French) Deutsch (German) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish)

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Castrol Transmax CVT


Founded more than 100 years ago, the company has achieved excellence in the production of lubricants for passenger and cargo transport. The emergence of new types of transmissions among American, European and Asian cars, allowed Castrol specialists to show what they are capable of. The result of their painstaking work was the oil Castrol Transmax CVT. Made on a completely synthetic basis, it is best combined with unique automatic non-speed transmissions.

Product description

Requiring not only to service, but also to the quality of lubricants, non-speed transmissions can be very capricious. The Castrol Transmax CVT, which is high-quality and as clean as possible from negative impurities, is able to give the driver a long-lasting resource of the mechanism. Even with the drop in temperature, the viscosity of the lubricant remains within normal limits to ensure a natural transition from one stage of work to the next.


To provide the car’s variator with optimal protection factors, the product includes enough additives. Some of them make sure that the lubricant remains in the narrow viscosity ranges, providing the necessary performance. Others, prevent premature wear and tear, prolonging the duration of the mechanism. The main ones include:

  1. The minimum operating temperature is extended to -51 0C.
  1. The threshold of spontaneous ignition with open oxygen access is 214 0C.
  1. The viscosity increases with the drop in temperature, but slightly, within the normal range.
  1. Completely synthetic liquid is red.
  1. Practically does not tend to evaporate, even under the influence of temperature difference.

Articles Castrol Transmax CVT

The lubricant for the variator goes on sale in an extended range. Both retail, end-buyers and owners of workshops and service stations will be able to choose the optimal volume:

  1. 156CA5 – plastic bottle with 1 litre dispenser.
  2. 156CA6 – polymer canister with 4 litre handle
  3. 156CA2 – polypropylene container 20 liters.
  4. 156CA4 – is a small 60 litre tin barrel.
  5. 156CA4 – the largest iron barrel at 208 litres.

Tolerances Castrol Transmax

Since the transmission oil Castrol Transmax CVT is almost unparalleled, it has a very large range of tolerances, all cars and SUVs in the name of which are present abbreviations:

  • JWS,
  • EZL,
  • CVT
  • HCF
  • ATF
  • CVTF.

High performance and no breakdowns only prove the quality of the product released especially for the variator.


All modern non-speed gearboxes, variators. Particularly well suited for regions with significant temperature changes throughout the year. The lubricant does not need to be changed with the arrival of cold weather, it is adapted to harsh climatic conditions.


Oil Castrol Transmax CVT is not prone to contaminating the variator with wear products. The detergent maintains the transmission in optimal purity. Ensuring it is operational under any operating conditions.

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