Comma Syner-G 5W-40 oil for lots of valve petrol and diesel engines

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This post is also available in: Русский (Russian) Français (French) Deutsch (German) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish)

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Comma Syner-G 5W-40


The fully synthetic Сomma Syner-G 5W-40 from the Performance Motor Oil line is a quality product of the British corporation. Motor Oil is ideal for modern petrol and diesel engines, it can be poured into new cars and cars with mileage.

Product description

The Comma Syner-G 5W-40 oil is highly quality, with properties comparable to olein, which explains the affordable cost of synthetics. Low viscosity ensures that the engine starts quickly at low temperature. Lubricant contains an enhanced set of detergent additives, molybdenum friction modifier, anti-zinc-phosphorus additives “DDP”, provides excellent protection of the motor from combustion products, easy start in any weather. All-season lubricant reduces fuel consumption, counteracts overheating of cylinder block, prolongs the vehicle’s operational resource, does not require frequent replacement.


The Comma Syner-G 5W-40 motor oil corresponds to the international classifications of SAE and is operated in a temperature range of -30 0C to 25 0C. Key indicators:

  • The viscosity index 174 is the maximum for the synthetic group;
  • Kinetic viscosity at 100 0C 13.85 sst, at 40 0C – 80 sSt, these are the average values for energy-saving lubricant with high-efficiency sewn;
  • the alkaline number of TNV is 9.7-10 CON/g, indicating good neutralizing ability;
  • sulphate ash content within 1.2% is a normal indicator for full-call oils;
  • density at 20 0C – 0.853g/cm3.

Auto-oil contains minor impurities of zinc, phosphorus, sulfur.

Articles Comma Syner-G 5W-40

The lubricant is packed in a container of various capacity, in the manufacturer’s article after the acronym “SYN” indicates a litre: 1 litre, 5 liters, 20 liters, 60 liters.

  1. SYN1L – Comma Syner-G 5W-40 1L
  2. SYN4L – Comma Syner-G 5W-40 4L
  3. SYN20L – Comma Syner-G 5W-40 20L
  4. SYN60L – Comma Syner-G 5W-40 60L

Tolerances Comma Syner-G

By the international CE standard. The Comma Syner-G 5W-40 oil is designed for AA3 petrol engines and B4 diesels. The API is classified as CF and SN. There are tolerances of the Volkswagen VW 502 00 group; VW 505 00 and Mercedes-Benz for OEM multi-component lubricant – MB 229.3, 229.1 / 226.5. renault (RN0700, 710) and Porsche (A40) cars.


Auto-oil is purchased by owners of foreign cars:

  • with multi-valve and high-turnover petrol DVS;
  • diesel engines with natural aspiration and turbocharged.

The lubricant is compatible with soot filters, catalytic converters. High-tech lubricant does not destroy non-ferrous metals, does not affect seals.


The lubricant is fully compliant with the stated characteristics, has a high resistance to oxidation, adapted for Russian conditions.

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