ENEOS Gear GL-5 75w90 : all-season oil for mechanical transmissions, hypoid drive, differentials, rear bridges and steering mechanisms

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This post is also available in: Русский (Russian) Français (French) Deutsch (German) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish)

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ENEOS Gear GL-5 75w90


The lubricant is designed for perfect manual transmission performance. But, since it has a wide temperature range of operation, it is optimally compatible with almost all gear-type mechanisms. Asia’s largest oil processing plant Nippon Oil has created oil ENEOS Gear GL-5 75w90 for domestic and international market. Since throughout Japan, there is a significant temperature difference throughout the year. But, the lubricant can be used in other regions of the planet, especially where there are severe frosts.

Product description

Despite the fact that the lubricant belongs to the class of semisynthetics, in its operational and technical indicators closer to pure synthetics. Increased fluidity with the onset of cold weather, allows you to easily drive the first few kilometers, until the oil transmission ENEOS Gear GL-5 75w90 does not warm up to a working temperature. As the drivers note, the quality of gear change will no longer depend on the time of year.


The manufacturer specifically developed the most versatile product. Mineral and synthetic origin helped in this. The additional additive complex only improved the initial characteristics of the lubricant. The main benefits of regular use include:

  1. The extended range of operating temperatures starts from -45 0C.
  1. Especially strong chemical formula oil film.
  1. The lubricant can retain a lubricating capacity of up to 100,000 km.
  1. Lack of easily evaporating components.
  1. The standard viscosity is 14.69 sSt, when the working temperature is reached.

Articles Eneos Gear GL-5 75W90

The ENEOS Gear GL-5 75w90 is used by many owners of Japanese and Asian cars. At numerous service stations, the product is recommended for pouring into new transmissions and with mileage. The following packages are available for purchase:

  1. oil1366 – tin 0.94 litres
  2. oil1370 – metal canister with a handle 4 liters.
  3. oil1369 – is a 20 litre tin bucket.
  4. oil1368 – 200 litre steel barrel

Tolerances Eneos Gear GL-5

In chemical composition and physical testing, the product meets SAE 75W-90 and GL-5. Allowed as a permanent transmission protection against premature wear MIL-L, 2015 E, ZF. It does not require a premature replacement every year, regardless of mileage.


The all-designed ENEOS Gear GL-5 75w90 has wide access to all modern transmissions with mechanical switching. Excellently copes with the protection of the front and rear gears of the bridge of the car. Compatible with differential, hypoidal transmission, handout and power selection box on all-terrain vehicles. To lubricate the mechanical swan and steering gearbox.


Transmission lubricant is equally well suited for both passenger and cargo vehicles. Copes with short-term and prolonged physical activity, without losing its protective properties.

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