EUROL Transyn 75W-90: high-quality universal transmission oil

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This post is also available in: Русский (Russian) Français (French) Deutsch (German) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish)

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EUROL Transyn 75W-90


A synthetic lubricant has significantly more advantages over its mineral counterpart. The main advantageof the EUROL Transyn 75W-90 is its versatility. With optimal characteristics for its class, it can be used in the transmission of many modern trucks. To withstand colossal loads, to provide a slip between rubbing parts.

Product description

You can pour the transmission oil EUROL Transyn 75W-90 not only in the manual transmission carter, but also in the main transmission cavity. The special additive minimizes the evaporation of the lubricant during normal operation. The doivka is almost non-required, especially in the airtight compartment of the rear gearbox. A stable viscosity rate makes it easy to switch gears, even in winter.


It is especially recommended to lubricate for road trucks operated over long distances. During the trip at high speeds, the product remains stable, maintaining the strength of the oil film even when overheated. Gears and gearboxes will not receive bullies during intense depreciation or increase of transmission transmission. To the most important indicators it is worth adding:

  1. Increased fluidity in severe frosts, helps to penetrate the lubricant into all important nodes.
  2. The minimum allowable temperature to crystallize is -42 0C.
  3. Guarantee of the preservation of all declared characteristics up to 180 0C.
  4. The lubricant contains sulfur in its composition, which has a positive effect on minimizing wear.
  5. Perfectly compatible with mechanical checkpoints with synchronizers.

Articles EUROL

The manufacturer produces a fairly wide range of containers. To find the optimal amount of oil EUROL Transyn 75W-90 for one truck, or a whole fleet of vehicles. Unfortunately, a single article is used for any volume:

  1. E110075 – 1 litre plastic bottle
  2. E110075 – is a polymer canister with a 5 litre handle.
  3. E110075 – a small barrel 60 liters.
  4. E110075 – 210 litre iron barrel

Tolerances EUROL

The product has undergone a number of independent tests, as well as received recommendations from a significant number of truck manufacturers around the world. Perfectly compatible with diesel and petrol trucks, which are recommended for the GL 4/5 API lubricant and the MT-1 API.

Tolerances of this oil:

  • DAF
  • MAN
  • MAN M 3343 S
  • MAN 342 SL
  • MAN 3343 SL
  • MAN 342 S1
  • MAN 341 TL
  • MAN 341 Type Z3
  • Scania
  • Scania STO 1:0
  • Volvo
  • Volvo 97310


The transmission oil EUROL Transyn 75W-90 is not inclined to foam and lose some of its important characteristics. Compatible with all mechanical transmissions, including agricultural and construction equipment. The synthetic basis best resists oxidative processes.


Since lubricant is recommended for freight transport, it cannot be operated with increased mileage. Only timely replacement will ensure a long-term resource of the entire transmission and reliability of the truck as a whole.

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