LIQUI MOLY MTF 5100 75W: lubricant for a large number of transmissions with mechanical switching and dual-clutch checkpoint

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This post is also available in: Русский (Russian) Français (French) Deutsch (German) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish)

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A German company with more than 60 years of history of production of oils for cars is able to surprise the consumer in our time. The transmission oil LIQUI MOLY MTF 5100 75W with reduced viscosity was designed specifically for the modern range of passenger cars. The high precision of the production of parts of the manual transmission and gearbox, leaves minimal gaps for the penetration of lubricant. In the cold season, when other products may have increased viscosity, german quality oil penetrates even the smallest gaps, providing adequate protection against wear and tear.

Product description

The mechanical and robotic dual-clutch transmission is comfortable in all temperature ranges. Details will never suffer from a lack of lubricant. Created on a mineral basis, it best affects rubber seals. Salniks and rubber rings last especially long. Economically advantageous, the oil LIQUI MOLY MTF 5100 75W is well concerned about the safety of every single part in the transmission mechanism.


A whole range of additives provides the product with wider performance. It is enough to use the oil LLIQUI MOLY MTF 5100 75W on a permanent basis, so that the gearbox carter never accumulates wear products. The lubricant is able to preserve not only parts of black, but also colored metal, does not give a single chance of corrosion and oxidation. Other important technical parameters of the German product should be added:

  1. Improves synchronizers, even in cold state without heating.
  2. Reduces wear and tear, and at the same time reduces the fuel consumption of the car.
  3. Normal range of working temperatures from -42 0C to 224 0C.
  4. The viscosity rate is stable, even in the case of high load on the transmission.
  5. The oil is not inclined to accumulate in its composition water and other impurities.

Important: the lubricant can be stored in the original polymer packaging for up to 2 years. It is enough just to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. The temperature difference will not adversely affect the contents of the canister.


The product is recommended for use by all car manufacturers from Germany. Mechanical gearboxes, including with the progressive switching of the robotic system and the presence of dual clutch discs. The optimal viscosity indicator will not negatively affect the quality and clarity of switching. In turn, the gears will be securely protected from wear especially by a strong oil film.


Since the transmission oil LIQUI MOLY MTF 5100 75W is made on a mineral basis, it is very important to change it in a timely manner, focusing on the recommendations of the car manufacturer’s factory. The product is not recommended to mix with other lubricant, as it will lose some of its protective properties. In the most unpleasant cases, lubrication can lose a normal viscosity rate.

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