Takayama 75W-90: transmission oil for mechanical transmissions, highly loaded gearboxes and hypoidic drive

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This post is also available in: Русский (Russian) Français (French) Deutsch (German) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish)

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Takayama 75W-90


Japanese technology is valued all over the world. A competent and technological approach to production guarantees quality and durable products at the end. Transmission oil Takayama 75W-90 on a semi-synthetic basis is no exception. By its performance, it can compete with many of the world’s famous oil producers. Especially strong oil film allows you to pour the product into the busiest and most responsible nodes and mechanisms.

Product description

During transmission, especially gearboxes with hypoidic hooking, a side effect is increased noise. Grease with improved viscosity is able to absorb noise, without any negative consequences for the mechanism. The quality oil Takayama 75W-90 is adapted to different temperature conditions, does not need to be replaced with the arrival of cold. The semi-synthetic formula best maintains a narrow range of fluidity, thus saving the gears from destruction.


The Japanese manufacturer as a base took the cleanest basics of synthetics and minerals. A special complex of additives not only combined two different bases, but also improved their performance. The lubricant can be used not only in the main transmission of the rear or front gearbox, but also in the manual transmission carter. To the main specifications can be added:

  1. Optimal protection during day-to-day operation.
  1. Neutral environment for non-ferrous and black metals.
  1. Additional protection against premature wear of rubber seals.
  1. Extended range of operating temperatures from -40 0C to 206 0C.
  1. Especially strong film on the squeezing, not inclined to collapse.

Articles Takayama 75W90

The products are made exclusively in metal packaging. The special coating of metal has absolutely no contact at the chemical level with oil Takayama 75W-90, guaranteeing it 5 years of preservation in the original container:

  1. 605052– 1 litre beath bottle
  2. 605053 – is a canister with a handle and a comfortable 4 litre dispenser.

Tolerances Takayama

Transmission oil is allowed to be sold on the international market. Tests have shown that it fully complies with the stated specifications provided by the GL-5 API standard. Primarily recommended for use in Asian and American vehicles.


Designed for automotive gearboxes, in the design of which hypoided transmission is used. It is allowed to fill in the mechanics of cars, SUVs, minibuses and pickup trucks. Not only reduces the sound of the mechanism, but also significantly reduces the wear and tear of metal parts.


The economically profitable transmission oil Takayama 75W-90 has a wash additive. When there comes a time of replacement of the lubricating liquid, the gearbox or gearbox cavity does not need to be washed with special liquids. Just pour a new portion of Japanese semi-synthetic transmission oil.

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