Rosneft 80w90 – characteristics and purpose of transmission oil

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This post is also available in: Русский (Russian) Français (French) Deutsch (German) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish)

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Rosneft 80w90


Any moving part of the car node should have a permanent lubricant in order to prevent the rapid wear of parts. One of the movable drives, in addition to the engine, is a manual transmission and bridges. 80w90 mineral oil is used to serve the latter. It is one of the most viscous oils, designed to lubricate the parts of mechanical units. To date, oil 80w90 is produced by almost all oil companies, the most famous of which is considered the oil transmission Rosneft 80w90.

Product description

Rosneft 80w90 mineral transmission oil, manufactured by Rosneft, is an all-season lubricant. Its production technology is based on the use of mineral base oils with a high degree of viscosity. Various additives, which are the key developments of the company, are also added to the base oils.

In turn, the Oil Rosneft 80w90 is characterized by high viscous-temperature parameters, which provides a reliable lubricant of parts of the transmission node even at a fairly low temperature.

In addition, the transmission oil Rosneft 80w90 has many advantages:

  • Lubricant provides a reliable protection of gears from wear during contact loads;
  • Amortizes shock loads;
  • is an excellent anti-corrosion fluid;
  • due to high protective functions, it preserves the resource of parts.

In addition, Rosneft 80w90 mineral transmission oil is produced in accordance with federal and international quality standards.


The Transmission Oil Rosneft 80w90 is designed for use at a minimum temperature of no less than -26 degrees Celsius and a maximum temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the oil of the grade 80w90 has a high degree of viscosity due to its high density – 09 kg/m3

Plus, the 80w90 oil has many other options:

  • kinematic viscosity – 140 santistocks;
  • Viscosity index – 120;
  • Maximum freezing temperature – 30 degrees Celsius;
  • The temperature of the liquid ignition is 230 degrees Celsius.

In addition, lubricating liquid is able to withstand high pressure.

Articles Rosneft 80w90

  1. 3179 Rosneft Kinetic Hypoid 80W-90 (plastic canister) 1 litre;
  2. 3178 Rosneft Kinetic Hypoid 80W-90 (plastic canister) 4 litres;
  3. 3177 Rosneft Kinetic Hypoid 80W-90 (barrel) 216.5 litres

Rosneft oil tolerances

• MAN 342 M2
• ZF TE-ML 05A, 07A, 08, 12E, 16B, 17B, 19B, 21A


The Rosneft 80w90 transmission is designed for use in mechanical transmission hubs of passenger and cargo transport, such as mechanical transmissions and leading bridges. The oil is also suitable for use in any other mechanical type units. At the same time, standardized oil production 80w90 allows it to be used on Russian and foreign production.


Rosneft 80w90 mineral transmission oil is a versatile lubricant that is widely used as a lubricant of car drive systems. Increased viscosity and high lubricating properties of liquid can reduce the physical wear of parts. And also, the use of oil – transmission oil Rosneft 80w90, significantly reduce vibrations and noise in the mechanical device while driving. In addition, transmission oil is often used as an anti-corrosion product, so that the oil is compatible with non-ferrous metals.

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