ZIC GFT 75W90: transmission oil characteristics and tolerances

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This post is also available in: Русский (Russian) Français (French) Deutsch (German) Italiano (Italian) Español (Spanish)

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All the mechanisms of the car are subject to gradual wear and tear. The lubricant can reduce this figure by several dozen or hundreds of times. The gears of the manual transmission and the rear bridge are particularly heavy. For their competent protection and was created especially pure transmission oil ZIC GFT 75W90. The minimum content of ash contributes to a longer resource of mechanisms.

Product description

Fully synthetic product during operation in the crankcase of the manual transmission is not prone to oxidize from direct contact with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Creates optimal conditions for the safety of rubber, paper and polymer seals. Oil ZIC GFT 75W90 was developed specifically for the Korean automobile market of Hyundai and Kia. But, it will perfectly cope with the task of minimizing friction in cars of other manufacturers.


Created on the basis of pure synetics Yubase, in combination with well-chosen additives, the transmission oil does not thin when the temperature rises. If you use the product on a permanent basis, it is guaranteed to increase the mileage of the PPC and rear gearbox, until the next repair. In addition, the lubricant has other specifications:

  1. Adaptive viscosity under current temperature conditions.
  1. It makes it much easier to change gears.
  1. The minimum operating temperature is limited to -47.5 C.
  1. A spontaneous outbreak of fire will occur in critical overheating of 212 0C.
  1. Perfect for regions with significant temperature changes throughout the year.

Articles ZIC GFT 75W90

The manufacturer from South Korea produces its products in a wide range of products. So that the driver or wholesale buyer can choose the optimal amount of oil ZIC GFT 75W90:

  1. 132629 – 1 litre plastic bottle
  2. 162629 – polymer canister 4 litres
  3. 192629 – 20 litre plastic container
  4. 202629 – 200 litre steel barrel.

Tolerances ZIC GFT

The lubricants product has undergone a number of independent tests, and has received the following international specifications: API GL-4/5, MT-1, TE-ML 02B, 08. The manufacturer of the man 341 Type 2 vehicle recommends transmission oil as the best protection of the car’s mechanisms from wear and tear.


Universal in many technical and operational characteristics, the lubricant is suitable for all vehicles in which it is recommended to pour oil of the GL-4 and GL-5 categories. Cars, trucks, buses, pickups and special equipment will be protected by transmission oil ZIC GFT 75W90.


Especially strong protective oil grease film is not destroyed even in very difficult operating conditions. The product retains its properties for the duration of production. Replacement is only necessary because of the accumulation of a large amount of natural contaminants, which can no longer cope with the built-in filter.

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